1. Evidence in Chief on behalf of Welsh Government


1.8 Mr Nicholas Rowson BSc (Hons) Hort BLD CMLI MIHort


1.9 Mr Mick Rawlings BA (Hons) MIFA

Cultural Heritage 

1.10 Ms Julia Tindale BSc (Hons) MI soil SCI

Land Use, Community and Recreation 

1.15 Mr Richard Graham BSc (Hons) MSc

Water Quality 

1.16 Dr Paul Canning BEng (Hons) PhD CEng MICE

Tidal Flooding

1.17 Mr Mike Vaughan BEng (Hons) Exon CEng CWEM MICE MCIWEM

Flood Consequences Assessment

1.18 Dr Keith Jones BSc PhD MRSB CBiol

Ecology and Nature Conservation 

1.19 Mr Jonathan Davies MSc BSc MCIEEM CEnv

Ecology – Dormice and Water Voles

1.20 Mr Richard Green BSc MCIEEM CEnv SocEnv

Ecology – Bats 

1.21 Dr Simon Zisman BSc (Anrh) MSc, PhD, MCIEEM

Ecology – Ornithology